Wire and Rods

Birmingham Metal manufactures Rod in Gold, Platinum, Silver, Palladium and alloys of these metals.

At Birmingham Metal, our team are highly skilled and experienced manufacturers of precious metal, fine drawn wire including Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, and alloys of these metals.

Applications for these products include semiconductor bonding, accurate temperature measurement, aerospace instruments, cochlear implants, catheters, pacemakers, and monitoring equipment.

Standard wire sizes range from 0.1mm Diameter to 1.2mm Diameter. Lengths vary from 100mm to 50 meters.

Standard rod sizes range from 1.5mm Diameter to 10.00mm Diameter. Lengths vary from 6mm to 500 mm.

If the wire or rod you require is not within our standard range of products, we are able to manufacture bespoke items, so please let us know and we will endeavor to meet your requirements.