Combustion Boats

Birmingham Metal offers to manufacture Combustion Boats to your design specifications.

We primarily use Platinum containing small amounts of Iridium and Rhodium for strength and durability. The table below denotes the more popular sizes and weights expressed in approximate figures.

Birmingham Metal features outstanding Quality with emphasis on your response time requirements. We invite your inquiry to allow our excellent team of skilled workers the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities in fulfilling your needs.

Note: Please use the reference number listed below when requesting a quote or placing an order.

Note: All combustion boats are rectangular in shape (without sloping sides) and are supplied without handles, unless otherwise requested.

If you do not see your requirement below, we are able to manufacture bespoke items, so please let us know and we will endeavour to meet your requirements.

Made in PT approximate weight in grams, approximate dimensions in mm.

Ref NoCapacity mlAWidthDHandleWeight