Thermocouple wire for temperature measurement

Birmingham Metal manufactures Thermocouple Wire in both R & S Type compositions.

This product plays a key role in temperature measurement use for many standard kiln, firing furnace & box oven profiles. Birmingham Metal features outstanding Quality with emphasis on your response time requirements.

Many of the items listed are available in 4 weeks delivery and we urge you to contact us for your immediate needs. We also specialize in responding to non-standard items of a custom nature.

If you do not see your requirement below, we are able to manufacture bespoke items, so please let us know and we will endeavour to meet your requirements.

Standard thermocouple wire sizes

.750 MM.750 MM
.625 MM.625 MM
.500 MM.500 MM
.450 MM.450 MM
.350 MM.350 MM
.300 MM.300 MM
.250 MM.250 MM
.150 MM.150 MM