Platinum Labware

Platinum Crucibles

We manufacture and supply platinum crucibles.

Platinum crucibles manufacturers and suppliers in Birmingham UK

Platinum Dishes

We manufacture and supply platinum dishes.

Platinum dishes supplier and manufacturer in Birmingham UK

Platinum Labware Manufacturers and Suppliers.

Birmingham metal manufacture high-quality platinum labware for precise chemical analysis Platinum is recognised for the important part that it plays within the fabrication of essential tools in chemical analysis. All our platinum crucibles and dishes are hand-spun and finished by our highly skilled sheet metal team.

Platinum and other metal Labware

Platinum is the standard material used for laboratory apparatus. Unless otherwise stated, all our crucibles and dishes will be made from high purity platinum. Our Labware can also be made in 10% Rhodium – Platinum, 5% Gold – Platinum, Silver and Gold.

All dishes will be supplied without a pouring lip unless otherwise specified.

Standard and bespoke sizes available

The items shown in the platinum labware section are our standard sizes, however, we are also able to manufacture items to your specific requirements. When ordering, please quote the appropriate reference number. In the case of crucibles and dishes, also state whether you require the standard product or reinforced rim, and with or without lid.

All weights are in grams and dimensions in millimetres.

All products are manufactured to a tolerance of +/-5% of size.