June 2024 Precious Metals Price Trends: Gold, Platinum, and Palladium

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Monthly precious metal price report for June 2024 covering gold, platinum and palladium.

As a leading precious metal manufacturer for scientific products, understanding the latest price trends of essential metals like gold, platinum, and palladium is crucial for our operations. Here, we provide a detailed overview of the price changes throughout June 2024, including the underlying factors influencing these fluctuations.

Gold: Steady Increase

Gold prices demonstrated a steady increase over June 2024. At the beginning of the month, gold was priced at approximately $72.00 per gram. Various factors influenced this trend:

  1. Geopolitical Tensions: Ongoing geopolitical issues, particularly in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, increased the demand for gold as a safe-haven asset.
  2. Economic Data Releases: Positive economic data from major economies boosted investor confidence, contributing to higher gold prices.
  3. Inflation Concerns: Persistent inflation fears led investors to hedge against currency devaluation by purchasing gold.

By mid-June, gold prices had risen to about $73.50 per gram. The upward trend continued, and by the end of June, gold reached around $75.00 per gram​.

Platinum: Volatile Market

Platinum experienced significant volatility in June 2024. The month started with platinum at $31.70 per gram. The initial increase to $32.00 per gram during the first week was driven by:

  1. Industrial Demand: Higher demand from the automotive sector, especially for catalytic converters, pushed prices up.
  2. Supply Chain Disruptions: Issues in major platinum-producing regions, such as South Africa, caused supply constraints.

However, mid-month saw a decline to $30.80 per gram, reflecting market corrections. This drop can be attributed to:

  1. Automotive Sector Fluctuations: Changes in automotive production and sales impacted the demand for platinum.
  2. Economic Uncertainty: General economic uncertainties led to reduced industrial consumption.

By the end of June, platinum prices settled at $30.20 per gram, highlighting the metal’s sensitivity to market dynamics and industrial demands.

Palladium Sharp Fluctuations

Palladium prices were marked by sharp fluctuations in June 2024. Starting the month at $85.30 per gram, palladium prices surged to $87.50 per gram due to:

  1. Supply Concerns: Persistent supply issues, particularly from Russia, which is a major producer of palladium, led to price increases.
  2. Robust Demand: Strong demand from the electronics and automotive sectors, especially for use in catalytic converters, supported higher prices.

Mid-month corrections brought the price down to $84.10 per gram. Factors contributing to this drop included:

  1. Market Corrections: After initial surges, market adjustments led to price stabilization.
  2. Improved Supply Conditions: Resolutions in supply chain disruptions eased some of the price pressures.

However, palladium quickly rebounded to $86.40 per gram by the end of June. The dynamic nature of palladium prices underscores the need for strategic planning and adaptive sourcing for manufacturers relying on this metal​.


June 2024 highlighted diverse price movements for gold, platinum, and palladium, driven by market dynamics and sector-specific demands. Gold’s steady climb, platinum’s volatility, and palladium’s sharp fluctuations emphasize the complex landscape of precious metal pricing. For manufacturers in the scientific domain, understanding these trends is vital for maintaining cost-efficiency and ensuring the availability of high-quality materials for precision applications.

By staying attuned to these price trends, we can better navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by the precious metals market, ultimately supporting our commitment to delivering top-tier scientific products. Stay connected with us for more updates on precious metal prices and their impact on our industry.